Pom-pom chick

Keep the kids busy this easter with this great pom-pom chick craft activity. They're easy! We lend a hand with this video of how it's done.


Have a go at making this gorgeous ice-cream card with our step-by-step instructions on quilling.

If you’re wondering when to knit then we think we have the answer, and it’s always! Knitting is a pastime that has remained enduringly popular for many centuries now and…

How To: Dye an Easter egg

We show you how to dye an Easter egg so you can create these pretty stripey eggs to brighten up your home for the holidays These pretty pastel-coloured…

Union Jack cookies

Biscuit and cookie recipes don’t come more delicious than these. We’ve got biscuits and cookies for all occasions – from weddings, picnics and tea-break treats. Which one is your favourite?…

Lemon jelly sweets

Make these Lemon jellies as an Easter treat for all the family!

Rose pillow sweets

Make Easter extra special by making your very own Easter treats. These rose pillow sweets make great Easter gifts.

Crispy roast lamb

Adding a crispy crunch to your roast lamb gives it a delicious new flavour. Cover you lamb with a tangy lemon, olive and anchovy stuffing with this simple recipe

Seven-hour pot roast lamb

Indulge the family with this slow-roasted leg of lamb, cooked for seven-hours with shallots, carrots, garlic and herbs.

Crispy chick

Have some fun with the kids this Easter and make this cute Easter chick. Made with cereal and melted chocolate, it's perfect for all ages