As one of the top locations in Europe for magnificent architecture and historic sites, Krakow is a fantastic place to visit for a city break.

Nowhere else can you browse such a vast selection of monuments and works of art in a city of great beauty and splendour. If you choose to explore Krakow with Riviera Travel, you’ll benefit from all the perks of an escorted tour, which include insider recommendations, first-hand knowledge of the local culture and cuisine, and there’s little to no chance of you ever getting lost.


What’s more, should you wish to mingle with the other people on the tour, then the option is there. You’ll be staying in a four-star hotel, so you can rest assured all your needs will be catered for and this will make your time in Krakow as comfortable and luxurious as possible.


So what can you expect to see during your guided tour? Read on to have your most pressing questions answered.

What does the price include?

The cost of joining the tour – £419 per person for four days – is inclusive of all kinds of benefits. It is based on two people sharing a twin room, and pays for return flights to Krakow, airport transfers and three nights in a fabulous hotel.

Visits to the legendary castle district and Auschwitz-Birkenau, a guided tour of the city and the expertise of a Riviera Travel tour manager are also included, so you can bet you’ll be treated well.
Most importantly, the price includes an experience that you’ll never forget, regardless of whether you’re travelling with a loved one or going solo on your getaway. Krakow is a truly splendid place, and has lots to offer the curious tourist.


What will I see?

Our itinerary has been carefully put together by experts to ensure you see the very best of the city, and it features both the most famous attractions and gems off the beaten track.

You will do a large chunk of your exploring on the first official day of the tour, and your guide will take you to some amazing sites, including Rynek, a medieval square boasting a lively atmosphere. Here you’ll see the Cloth Hall and glorious St Mary’s church, which is so elaborately decorated it could be a cathedral.

Another highlight will be the stunning Florian Gate, which is arguably the most famous Gothic tower in Poland. It was originally built to protect Krakow from the 1241 Tatar attack that left most of the city in tatters, and now stands tall over the Old Town.

Your guide will also take you to see the church where Pope John Paul II held mass and the Collegium where Copernicus came up with the ground-breaking revelation that the Earth is not the centre of the solar system.


Any other highlights?

The Wawel Castle district is another important stop on the tour. Spread across a curve of the river Vistula, the area was the hub of political and cultural activity in Poland for more than 500 years.

There are so many fantastic buildings to admire, including the Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Senators’ Hall – the list goes on. Within the Palace and Royal Chambers, lots of the rooms have been restored and are now open for you to explore and take a journey through time in. That’s not to mention the intricately woven tapestries and Renaissance courtyard, which you can wander around to your heart’s content.

Will I have any free time?

While the idea of the tour is to show you our version of Krakow’s finest attractions, you will at times have the freedom to roam the city as you please.

On the third day of the getaway, we visit Auschwitz and Birkenau, one of the most moving and historic stops on the tour. After this, you’ll have an entire afternoon and evening back in Krakow to do whatever you like and see the places you only got a glimpse of walking around.

Alternatively, you could take this opportunity to sample the city’s excellent restaurant scene or relax in one of its many cafes.

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