If you’re passionate about classical architecture, ancient ruins and as much history as you can lay your hands on, then there is no better destination for your city break than Greece.

Not just one of the most popular holiday locations for those seeking a sunny escape from dreary old Britain, Greece has tons to offer culture vultures and people looking for a journey through time.

With an eight-day tour from Riviera Travel and the Woman’s Weekly Travel Shop, which costs from £919 per person, you could experience the very best of Classic Greece, with one of our guides taking you round the most famous spots – and some of the most unspoilt ones.

From fantastic sights and glorious landscapes to historic monuments and beautiful food and drink, you won’t be disappointed with a trip to Greece. So what can you expect from your city break? Read on for a brief outline of some of the highlights.

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Athens and the Acropolis

Often described as the birthplace of Classical Greece, Athens is arguably one of the most special and monumental cities in the country. It is not just the capital of Greece, it is also home to one of the ‘Wonders of the Ancient World’ – the Acropolis.

As part of a walking tour, you’ll be able to pay a visit to the Acropolis, a rock stationed high above Athens that offers absolutely breathtaking views of the city below. You can also explore plenty of stunning ancient architecture from the Classical period, with one must-see building being the Parthenon, which is dedicated to the goddess Athena.

Remember to pack your camera, as there’ll be ample opportunities for amazing photographs when you make the trip to Plaka, one of Athens’ many quaint and historic neighbourhoods. Pop into one of the picturesque tavernas for a souvlaki or a stifado and take a walk down the beautiful cobbled streets lined with flowers. If you want any advice about the best restaurants and more leisurely spots to be found in Athens, don’t hesitate to ask your tour manager.


Once home to the Olympic Games, one of the famous games in ancient history, Olympia today is just as majestic and impressive as it has always been. It used to be able to seat a whopping 45,000 attendees to the Games, showing just how huge it really is.

You can really get a feel of what it was like at the games just by wandering around the site and taking it all in. Expect to receive a tour of the Olympia, as well as the fascinating museum contained within it that is full of extraordinary artefacts.

Olympia was a highly sacred place to the Greeks during ancient times and there used to stand a gigantic ivory and gold statue of the god Zeus, which was housed within the Temple of Zeus. Indeed, the first Olympic Games were held in honour of this deity.

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Epidaurus and Mycenae

The great thing about an escorted tour with Riviera Travel is that as well as being able to go off on your own and experience the parts of Classical Greece that you’re dying to see, you also benefit from expert advice and visits to places you might not otherwise have considered for your trip, such as Epidaurus and Mycenae.

Epidaurus is the birthplace of god of healing Asclepios, a very important figure to the Greeks, who believed all people should be healthy in both mind and body. You’ll be taken around his sanctuary, which was once the greatest centre of medicine during the Classical period.

Following on from this, you’ll explore Mycenae, after being welcomed into the citadel by the stunning Lion Gate, which is 3,300 years old. Situated around 90km south-west of Athens, the archaeological site used to be one of the most important military sites of Greek civilisation. All history buffs will love visiting Mycenae and should contemplate returning to it during one of their free afternoons.

Anyone booking themselves a place on the Riviera Travel Classical Greece tour should remember that while the cost covers accommodation in three and four-star hotels, a number of meals and return flights, it does not include entrance fees to museums and historic sites.

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