In her blog, Editor Diane Kenwood trials a natural deodorant for an environmental way to smell and feel fresh

All of us use a deodorant, and if you’re anything like me, when you’re choosing which one to use, your main concern is whether it’s going to be effective (and as a bonus, not leave white marks on the armpits of your dark coloured clothes).

I’ve certainly never considered the environmental impact of the deodorants I’ve used. Until now that is.

Reading just how many deodorants are bought in the UK each year (25 million by men alone) and thinking about my Waste Not Want Not Challenge which centres around fashion and beauty, made me wonder if there wasn’t a better way, for my purse and the environment, to keep me smelling and feeling fresh.

Turns out there is. There are a wide range of what are called ‘natural deodorants’ on the market, products made entirely of, well, natural, ingredients, but the reason I chose to try the one I did was because their packaging is 100% recyclable and reusable.

Native Unearthed natural deodorant

Native Unearthed do a range of deodorants all made from volcanic crystal minerals. I chose the one infused with Aloe Vera for its apparently ‘extra hydrating and moisturising’ properties.

Certainly it’s unlike any other deodorant I’ve every used.

The solid, rock-like stick needs to be dampened to apply it, and when you do, there’s no sign you have. No residue, no deposit on your skin of any kind. Good for not leaving a trace on your clothes, but difficult to know whether you’ve applied the right amount.

Certainly it seemed to do its job wearing it on a daily basis, leaving me sweat free even after a day of doing battle with packed, boiling rush-hour tubes to and from my journey to work. So far so good.

But would it perform as well under pressure? I do quite a lot of exercise, but clearly my swimming and pilates weren’t going to put it to the test. For that it had to withstand the sweat-test of my weekly zumba class.

Diane Kenwood tests natural deodorant

Fortunately, for the test purposes, it was a particularly hot evening, and a particularly full-on class the night I wore it for the first time. I was very definitely hot and sweaty at the end of the hour!

So how did it do?

Diane Kenwood tests natural deodorant

Really well!

Turns out, that in spite of its invisibility, this really does seem to be an effective way of staying sweat-free under my arms.

Just to check it wasn’t only me it worked on, I had a chat with a member of our picture desk team who has been using a crystal deodorant for some time now and he confirmed that even though he cycles to and from work every day, it’s equally effective for him.

Better still, he said, and I can see, that it lasts forever (well, not actually forever obviously, but definitely for a very very long time), so not only am I putting something more natural on my skin (tick), I’m using a product that will, when I eventually do throw it away, is fully recyclable (tick) and although it costs £6.49 which is pricey compared to my usual deodorant, it will last for so long it’ll end up being a huge saving in the long run (tick).

I’d certainly recommend trying a natural deodorant, and if you’d like to follow my example, you can find the Native Unearthed range at

For my next challenge I’ll be recycling a once loved but no longer worn piece of clothing. Stand by to see how I get on!