In her blog, Knitting Editor Teresa Conway explains how she's been using up leftovers and inventing leftover recipe meals

So far this has been a really interesting challenge. In the first week I felt like I had to be quite inventive, and consequently came up with a recipe that was a bit off the wall and not one I’d necessarily recommend or repeat!

However I’ve got into the swing of things a bit more now. It certainly requires more thought and creativity to avoid waste.

I don’t see this as a negative necessarily, I’ve realised that despite my belief I am not a very wasteful person, I am in the mindset where for convenience sake I would rather throw things away (out of sight, out of mind).

But in actual fact, if you are a bit more organised it is something that can make life easier and more fruitful.

For example, I had a Sunday lunch at a pub in Islington which is not something I would usually do as it’s expensive, but it was a special occasion.

There wasn’t much leftover except for the carcass of the shared lamb shoulder. Ordinarily I wouldn’t think twice about it as there was no ‘real’ leftovers to take away, but I asked them if they would wrap up the bones for me.

They may have thought this was strange, but it meant that my money went further and I felt less guilty about the amount I had spent! I put them in my slow cooker and got a beautiful stock out of them.

This made a soup which then became a curry sauce (WNWN times two!). I didn’t need to make one from scratch, which saved time therefore it was more efficient!

I have always struggled getting true flavour in my curries but this was the best one I’d ever made (though admittedly I had help from my housemate who is an absolute whizz at curries).

Teresa Conway's curry

I think flavours develop over time and things often taste better the next day. So there’s probably a lot to be said for using leftovers, from a culinary perspective. Perhaps I shall have to ask our Cooking Editor Felicity why this is.