I've really started noticing food waste and we all ought to do our bit

Seafood and Spanish sausageThe more time I spend doing this challenge the more I have found that issues surrounding food waste are popping up. Possibly by coincidence, or maybe the fact that this challenge is making me more aware.

A friend of mine passed away a few years ago and this weekend I visited her parents. Her father works at s supermarket unloading lorries.

He showed me some videos he had taken on his phone of the huge 25m lorries bringing in the loads of food. No sooner had one pulled out did another one pull in and it was a continuous stream from 1pm to 7am.

I thought about how much of this must go to waste, but would have no impact whatsoever on the amount of lorries that show up.

A lot of this food was pre packaged and pre prepared in some way, meaning that we are given little control of how much of something we buy.

A packet of chicken breast fillets contains what the supermarket decides it should contain and they can’t (or rather, don’t) account for individual requirements.

There are companies that are beginning to take this into account however.

I was stopped at my tube station last week by a salesman who wanted me to sign up for a new food delivery service where recipes with exact measurements of ingredients were delivered to your door every week ensuring that you had everything that you needed and there was no waste.

Seafood stew

Considering my WNWN challenge, I was immediately interested, particularly as he told me that it could be cheaper than my weekly shop! After showing me through his recipe book of the delicious, healthy, home cooked meals I could be making on a lower budget than what I’m currently spending, I was pretty much sold.

Until he dropped the bombshell (though he did it with air of someone handing over a giant cheque) that it would work out just over £4.00 per plate. That’s per plate, not per meal, so each person’s serving would cost over £4.00.

I think I accidentally laughed out loud and said I’d have to politely decline, there is no way that I would normally spend over four quid a head on a home cooked meal. For me, a tenner can feed my house of five and then some. But it showed me that its far easier to be ethical if you can afford to pay extra for it.

What this does illustrate is that there is a definite market for a less wasteful way of eating and as consumers we do hold a great deal of power when we operate on mass, and we have begun to make changes (though they might not be easily accessed by all just yet).

Parsnip and Parmesan Mash, Buttered Chantenay Carrots, Sprouts and Chestnuts, Sim Used 06/12/2011

The more we start considering the ethics behind our practices and spending the more that food companies and supermarkets will start catering to this (the customer is always right after all!).

So I would conclude that it’s not merely a coincidence that I have been noticing waste related things more, but the WNWN message is one that resonates with many people. It begins with individuals, and slowly filters into the mainstream.

So spread the WNWN message far and wide. It is movements like this that snowball and set out a new (positive) course.