In her blog, features writer Sarah Holmes explains how she created a lovely gift - a mini spa

My grandmother had a lot of famous sayings. She was notorious for them actually.

One of her favourites (after ‘because I’m your grandmother, that’s why’) was ‘waste not want not’. It was the first thing out of her mouth if anyone dared to ask for sweets after failing to finish their dinner.

Now when I hear that phrase it takes me rushing back to her cosy terraced house in the South Wales valleys where I spent most of my summer holidays growing up. So when our Editor Diane announced that we would be doing a Waste Not Want Not staff challenge, I was keen.

Glass jar for Waste Not Want Not

My first challenge was to create a tinted glass ornament using something I would otherwise have thrown away. In this case, I used one an old, mason-style jam jar. But any clear glass container will do.

I soaked off the label in warm water, and mixed red-coloured glass paint (which you can get at Hobby Craft) with acetone-containing nail varnish remover.

I didn’t use specific measurements, just enough to line the inside of the jam jar thinly. How much glass paint you use depends on how deep you want the tinting to be.

Afterwards, I poured the mixture into the jar and swirled it around so that it coated the inside. Then I placed it upside down on tin foil and left it to dry overnight. Hey presto – the next morning I had this beautiful mason jar!

I thought I would pop a tea candle in it, and use it as an ornament.

But our wonderful Craft Editor, Emily Dawe, suggested filling it with a few beauty samples and a tying a ribbon around the top to make a neat, little present for somebody. A great idea, which I’ll definitely use when the next birthday comes around.

For now, though, it takes pride of place on my kitchen table, holding a single flower. Right next to where I eat my dinner, actually, which I’d dare not finish if I were planning on having dessert afterwards. My grandmother would be proud.